Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sadly, "4.75" does not appear to be a valid font size in Microsoft Word, so right now, we're looking at a cheat sheet that is 4.5 Times New Roman font and not quite two pages long. Too bad. Oh well, maybe this way I can fit more information on it! Hopefully, I won't go blind in an attempt to read it later. Ha.

A couple of things--

I can now post that my sister Rebecca, and her boyfriend (now fiancee) Ben are engaged! I'm not sure how I feel about this because I'm the older sister and I'm supposed to do these things first...but I guess it's too late for that. :) So, congratulations! And welcome to the family, Ben. It'll be fun to have you as a brother-in-law.

I'm taking a break from working on my torts "cheat sheet," which I'm finding to be somewhat of a ridiculous exercise. The professor has allowed us to bring one page front and back into the final, and we can put anything on that page that we want to. He said he doesn't care what's on there; and that in the past, people have brought in magnifying glasses to be able to see theirs. Well, I'm about to get to that point. I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything I want to! Size 2 font, maybe? Just kidding. Oh, and I have to say thanks to wonderful people who are willing to post previous years' work for the benefit of those of us having to go through this now...

I just grabbed a glass of V8 splash that I bought at the grocery store yesterday, and it's kind of funny because (Hi Mom and Grandamamom, I'm pretty sure you're not going to like this, so don't say I didn't warn you) I think whenever I drink juice high in Vitamin C and other vitamins, I can feel my body go ooohh! Actual healthy stuff with vitamins! And I drink it right down. This also happened recently when the LARC office served us breakfast tacos and orange juice after turning in our memos--I don't really like orange juice that much, but I finished that whole container 'cause something in me wanted it. But I try and eat multiple servings of fruit a day! And I get vegetables ... uh ... sometimes, too. Perhaps I should try and do a little better on the eating healthy front. Though that's not going to happen until after finals, probably.

All right, back to the torts cheat sheet. Fun times.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Beethoven, Finals, and San Antonio

Whenever I start to feel generally anxious about something, I tend to break out the first movement of Beethoven's "Pathatique" Sonata. I played it a lot spring semester this past year, when I was still trying to figure out my future and where I was going to go to law school. And now that finals are looming ever closer, I find that playing it once again helps ease my jitters a little bit. It's kind of sadly amusing, though, how I can no longer play it very well. Not, of course, that I ever had it all that good in the first place--though it was the last thing I played for my piano recital senior year in high school. I feel kind of sorry for my neighbors, but I've never had any complaints about the piano playing.

I had a good Thanksgiving week! It was very nice to have some time off from school. I'm sick of classes. Good thing they end on Friday!

It was also nice to see family. And friends. I miss normal, non-law school people. Ha-ha, just kidding. Sort of :)

On Friday after classes are over, I'm being very, very bad and taking a quick trip to San Antonio. I'll only be there for about 18 hours, max, but I'll get to see Beth and Anne! And Trinity's annual Christmas concert is on Friday evening. It'll be a nice, random break before I completely lock myself away from society to study for finals.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Posting on here appears to be a better alternative than outlining torts at midnight on a day of Thanksgiving break...

You know something that has bothers me whenever I happen to think of it? Two opposing definitions for the word sanction:

Sanction, vb. 1. To approve, authorize, or support . 2. To penalize by imposing a sanction . (Black's Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition)

This is annoying, in my opinion. Oh well.

Monday, November 20, 2006

All right, already! I'm posting! :)

I had a good weekend. It did not involve very much work; maybe that's why it was a good weekend. First, Melissa and I helped celebrate Staci's birthday. Got to go out to lunch, give her presents, and eat a really yummy cake. I like birthdays :)

I also got to see Trinity people! Nine of us had lunch Sunday afternoon at Chuy's, complete with the green sauce to dip chips in. It was nice to see everyone.

And finally, I got a new phone. It's spiffy, in my opinion. And small. I'm enjoying my access to the world of text-messaging. The only problem I'm having with it so far is that sometimes the connection seems a little wonky when I'm talking to people, but I think I just discovered that if I don't grip the phone with my hand over the antenna when it's in use, it works better. Thanks for the phone and allowing me to stay on the family plan just a little while longer, Dad! That's one less bill for me to pay for the time being. I like not spending money I don't have. (Note the double negative in the previous sentence. I'm totally ready to be a lawyer now!)

It's supposed to get somewhat cold tonight, yay! There's a freeze warning in effect. I don't know why this makes me happy, other than the fact that it'll be a good excuse to wear my new sweatshirt, newly purchased from the Law School Bookstore. And maybe I'll even wear a hat that Grandmamom made. Because I have a strange fondness for hats when it is cold outside.

This week is only a two-day week leading up to Thanksgiving, probably also contributing to my happiness level. This is quite nice. I'm looking forward to the break, and to the holiday. But the reality of finals has pretty much set in at this point. Time to start studying, I suppose. Too bad I'm so talented at procrastinating...

Monday, November 13, 2006

I had a special request for a specific blog entry, and this is it:

I don't want to outline.

The end.

Chairs, LARC, and Christmas

My desk chair, which has been on its way to being completely dead for a while, has just amazed me again. I leaned back in it a few minutes ago and heard something snap--a screw attaching the chair back to its bottom had broken. Amazingly enough, the chair itself is still holding together. Sort of. I can now lean back in it in such a way that I don't think the chair was designed for, though.

My LARC memo is finished and turned in! Too bad the next big thing coming up is the LARC test on Thursday. I guess it's time to actually learn Bluebook citation and read all those readings I've been supposed to be doing all along... In honor of the fact that the memo is done, I present to you what my living room looked like around 1:00 am Tuesday night (yeah, I know that means it was technically Wednesday morning. But you knew what I was saying, didn't you?).

I hereby announce that all stores already playing Christmas music are too early. At least wait until after Thanksgving. Come on. Yes, I know it's better for business if the holiday season starts earlier and people buy more, but couldn't we let Christmas retain some of its meaning and importance? It's just not as special if we've got full-out Christmas songs and advertisements going on for two whole months every year.

I think part of me is not ready for Christmas because I'm in denial about the fact that I have to take finals first. Gross. Heh. I am, of course, looking forward to December 15-January 15. A month off from law school! Hooray!

Monday, November 06, 2006


I essentially just sneezed, then decided that it was a good excuse to stop working on my LARC memo and instead write a blog entry. I'm not sure that makes any sense, but here I am.

I caught a cold this weekend, which was a little annoying. Fortunately, it never really turned into anything worse than a stuffed/runny nose and a little excessive sneezing. I'd like to be all the way better, though, as being completely healthy makes sleeping at night a little easier.

Speaking of sleeping, I have had several weird--and kind of disturbing--dreams in the past couple of weeks. They involve me trying to apply concepts of one of my classes to life. I can never remember exactly what I dreamed when I wake up, I just know that I have been trying to apply the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; the UCC; or on one night, the elements of one of my issues in my LARC memo; to random situations. I'm always uneasy when I wake up from those, and it doesn't quite feel like I actually got sleep during the time I was dreaming. The only class that I haven't had a dream like this about is torts. I wonder if it's coming? It feels like I should have it, just to get it over with and so that there's some kind of sense of completion.

And one more thing. It's another example of how much law school pervades my life. I was cooking noodles for my pasta tonight, and once I had them in the pot, turned to put up the dishes I had washed the night before. A couple of minutes later I stopped because I had not yet stirred the boiling noodles, and needed to. And my thought about this was, "I'm not satisfying the 'stirring occasionally' element of the pasta instructions very well, am I?" Is that not a little pathetic? I think it is.

My apologies to those of you who read this and are not in law school. A lot of this might not make sense. This is why I am looking forward to December 15th, when exams are over and I won't have to think about law school for a whole month.