Monday, April 17, 2006

It's hot!

Today's high temperature was 102 degrees. Tomorrow's is 101. That's just a bit warm for this time of year. So warm, in fact, that electricity companies across Texas are having to create rolling blackouts for 15 minutes at a time in order to continue functioning. When our electricity went out earlier today, I found out how much I was dependent on electricity and the Internet.

One good thing about this crazy weather, though: the pool today was perfect. It's hot outside but not overly humid, and the water in the pool was neither too hot nor too cold. I'm slightly more tan now than I was this morning :)

Papers, conferences, law school, puppies

I just found out that the seminar class for which I'm a peer tutor was canceled today, so here I am working on a paper due Wednesday. (Did you hear that? A paper due Wednesday. I'm being very good indeed).

Well, I was working on a paper due Wednesday. Now I'm creating a blog entry.

I had the Southwest Social Science Association conference this past weekend. I enjoyed it, for the most part. The paper presentation went well. I went to a few interesting sessions, and learned about topics ranging from Locke's theories of toleration and Christianity to speechwriting tactics of FDR and Reagan to some of the group dynamics of the American Nationalist movement. I gave one of my professors a ride home on Thursday, and I think that between going to the hotels and back every day (sometimes twice), I doubled my knowledge of the geography of downtown San Antonio. I'm glad it's over, though. Now I can turn my attention to other matters--like the many papers and presentations and finals that are coming up.

I have yet to decide where I'm going to be next year. UT sent me my first rejection letter ever (waahhh--okay, done with that now), and William and Mary put me on their waiting list (I applied there on kind of a whim--I love Virginia, but probably would have only gone there if I had gotten lots of money). The decision is pretty much between the University of Florida and the University of Houston. The University of Florida is the best school in Florida, is only an hour and a half away from much of my extended family...and the Gators just won the NCAA basketball championship. I'm visiting there May 1-4th. The University of Houston is the second best school in Texas, (according to some accounts--it depends on who you ask), would be tuition free, and is close to immediate family. I think I've nixed Baylor from the list (although nothing's for sure, yet) because it would cost approximately the same amount as Florida at this point. And it's not close to anything, haha. Thoughts? Anyone?

A final, kind of sad story. I was excited to hear (from the family website, actually) that my parents and little sister had gotten a puppy this past weekend, which they named Toby. However--Toby passed away on Sunday from a sickness called parvovirus. I hope his last days with my family at home were happy ones.

Okay, I think that's it for the current adventures in the life of Keri. Here I go to face the last two weeks of classes--with just 26 days left until graduation!