Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Picture Post

Here are some pictures from the weekend and Beth's birthday. These include a game night at our apartment, going out Saturday night to celebrate Beth's birthday a little early, and then the Trinity tradition of dunking her in the fountain on Monday night.

First, a rather artistic rendering of the game we spent most of Friday night playing. It's called "Would you Rather," and has the tendency to spark some interesting conversation.

Beth, Katie E., and Mindy while playing the game. Katie's the one that taught us how to play poker before everyone got there...

Now for Saturday night. We took Beth out for mini-golf and ice cream. Here's Anne, Beth, Katie B., and Kaci while we're waiting for the next hole to become available. Anne thought I would notice her face and tell her to smile before taking the picture, but I didn't, so this is the result. Ha.

I'm attemting to make a shot, Kaci is looking on.

Katie trying to make the same shot, this time with Anne looking on.

Beth (the birthday girl) and her birthday cake ice cream cone after mini-golf.

Now we're to Monday night. Here's Beth on her way to the fountain. Doesn't she look excited? That's Erin W. clutching her right arm.

Kaci and Katie E. are excited at what's about to occur...

As we were walking Beth to the fountain, Dan and Jason came running up . Beth tried to escape, but to no avail! Here she is, being carried by Melanie, Anne, Jason, and Dan.

Beth, being thrown into the fountain by Dan, Jason, and Mark. The water looks kind of dirty, doesn't it? Poor Beth.

Lindy, Lisa, and Mindy

Kaci and Anne

Jason, Mark, Erin, Dan, and Katie E.

The aftermath: a very wet Beth.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Yay UF

I checked my mail at Trinity today and got a letter from the University of Florida that started out, "Congratulations..." So there's one more acceptance down, and two (hopefully) to go. Then I will have to start the scary process of Decision Time.

The weekend

A couple of facts/observations derived from weekend experiences:

  • I’m not as bad at mini-golf as I thought. I am, however, still very bad at bowling.
  • Approaching 22 = getting old.
  • They are making clothes bigger and bigger. I just recently bought a smaller “size” jeans than I ever have before--(well, all right, since being big enough for the juniors/women’s departments) --and this isn’t because I’m getting smaller.
  • Socks are cool.
  • I still love Chick-fil-a.
  • Poker (especially the Texas Hold ’Em variant) is fun.
  • I don’t know whether I would rather have a horizontal nose or a vertical eye.
  • Saved by the Bell still rocks.
  • I like birthday cake ice cream.
  • I enjoyed the “senior girl’s choir” practice.
  • 10:30pm on a school night is too late to go to Kerbey Lane (in Austin) from San Antonio. Unless you’re wild and crazy like Anne and Beth.


  • I have two young cousins that are extremely cute, and give excellent news broadcasts.
  • My uncle and his website make me happy.
  • (This comes after a rather interesting and amusing converstaion with my grandmother) One should make sure that everyone knows why one is standing in the church parking lot with two strange young men and a big trailer before leaving the premises. Otherwise, there might be some interesting consequences :)

Friday, January 27, 2006


This is going to be one of those entries where I don't feel like I have much to say, but feel compelled to write something because it's been so long since I've updated in any form or fashion. I've been keeping busy with school--today I left the apartment at 8:15 am and returned at about 11:15 pm. That's definitely a long day. It was somewhat productive though: I went to class, had lunch with and went to the lecture of a prospective sociology professor, worked at the bookstore, took a quick trip to Sonic with friends (that was quite a full car), went to Lighthouse, and then had some hours at the library where some of the first-year seminar members met with me about their papers. So yeah. That is a fairly typical example of my life on weekdays--long and busy. But good, mostly. I can't tell you how happy I will be, though, when the day comes that I'll be able to come home tired from work and not have homework to do as well.

This weekend looks like it's going to be fun, though! Game night Friday night, no work at the bookstore on Saturday because it's closed, and Beth's birthday. Doesn't get much more exciting than that!

Oh, I guess I do have one bit of exciting news. I found out recently that I will be one of two recipients of the Trinity Sociology Department's C. Wright Mills Award--the department's "highest award." That's a happy achievement :)

Maybe there will be an update soon with pictures from a fun and exciting game night. And Beth's birthday. I bet you can't wait, huh?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A law school update

I've heard from two of the schools I posted about a while back. I've been accepted by the University of Houston and Baylor (who also offered me a pretty nice scholarship), but am holding out for decisions from the other three schools to which I applied before I get too excited about anything.

It is, of course, nice to know that I will definitely be attending law school somewhere next year!

Hopefully that should satisfy all of you who wanted to know about that aspect of my life :)

And, um, it's late. So I think I'll head off to bed now.

Fun with Magnetix

The title of this post could also be "What I did tonight instead of homework."

Some friends and I had fun times tonight playing with RoseArt's Magnetix brand magnet toys. Lindy came over to pick up some of her stuff that was in my possession for various reasons, also bringing over a 20 piece Magnetix set. This added to several that Anne and I have accrued in past months. So creativity on the part of Anne and Lindy ensued, as Beth and I mostly just looked on--I do not consider myself spatially gifted, so the art they were creating was out of my league. Here's some pictures of what went on:

Lindy and Anne in the process of creating...something...

Hey, look! It resembles the star ball displayed on the box! Lindy's looking kind of scary, but Anne looks nice and sweet.

Here's a pyramid, complete with an antenna.

A picture of Lindy, Anne, and Beth, before things get really crazy.

"Life is nasty, brutish, and short." That's apparently an explanation for why fighting over Magnetix must occur--everyone needs to make sure they have enough for their own creation!

Some statements heard while this was going on: "Back off! Do you want to keep your fingers?"

And finally: What was I doing during all of this? Being the historian, of course. And bringing the joy of our Magnetix adventures to the masses. But here's what I looked like this evening...keep in mind that it was a long day, including almost five hours at the bookstore as well as class and the attendance of the MLK lecture.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Foot Karma

Apparently, I have bad foot karma. Early last semester, I broke the pinkie toe on my left foot by (accidentally) running into one of Trinity's decorative brick garden walls--and that was the beginning of my problems. Since then, I have had no serious injuries involving my feet, but I often bang them into walls, chairs, tables, and even other people.

After much deliberation, it was decided that this must be due to the fact that I truly believed that a five pound bag of gummy bears I bought with meal plan money at the end of last spring semester smelled very much like feet. No one believed me initially, although Beth did have an epiphany in a study lounge one day that led her to agree with me--that's her story, though, and I won't go into any more here. But we now think that the gummy bear powers that be are exacting their revenge on me. Hopefully, they will soon be satiated, and there won't be any more dangerous foot injuries in the future...

I have cool roommates

A sign of how awesome my roommates are:

On Thursday, after work and before Lighthouse, Anne and Beth met me outside the bookstore holding a bag from Chick-fil-a. The chicken sandwich, those waffle fries, and the Dr. Pepper were just the thing I needed to make me happy after a long day.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Back from Oklahoma (and Kansas and Missouri--all new states for me!). 'Twas a fun trip. Off to Trinity tomorrow to settle back in, and spend many long hours at the bookstore before classes start Wednesday.