Monday, October 30, 2006

A disoriented entry:

I really enjoyed that extra hour this weekend. A lot. I think I got a lot more work done. Strange how much just one hour makes a difference. Yay.

You know you're a law school nerd get annoyed about Microsoft Word not being consistent when it auto corrects state capitalization for you. And when you can spend a 2 hour break between classes getting nothing done b/c you're trying to figure out what a dissenting opinion means (and probably procrastinating in other ways too). And when you get made fun of in class for not giving a definition of "garnishment" straight out of Black's law dictionary. And when you'd rather work on ANYTHING other than your LARC memo.

A few mornings ago when I woke up, my top sheet and comforter were turned in the complete opposite direction than they were when I went to bed. How did I manage that?

We got out of one of my classes about 20 minutes early today. That made me overly happy.

I saw somebody take a drink out of a coke bottle recently, and it made me remember that when I was little, for the longest time, I didn't understand how to drink out of bottles like that. I'd try and get my mouth all the way around the opening to take a drink. It didn't work too well. I can't tell you exactly how old I was when I realized that it works better if you don't stick the whole thing in your mouth, but I can sort of remember the way I felt when I made the discovery. I thought it was brilliant. And suddenly, life just made a little more sense.

Monday, October 23, 2006

One HUGE perk to the decision to come to U of H Law School--free printing. Seriously. At Trinity, I often didn't print out everything I wanted to when doing research b/c it cost money. Well, it cost money when you went over your 250 free pages per semester. But I always did that.

Here, it's different. A case looks like it might be useful to that LARC memo? *PRINT* Time to get 16 those pages of torts briefs ready for class? *PRINT* It's quite lovely.

In other news, legal research can be more than a little annoying.

What, you wanted a longer, better entry? Sorry. Maybe later :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Law, and tea

Perhaps I'm a little strange, but this is the type of law I'm interested in: Va. Parents Trying to Unadopt Troubled Boy. How do we as a society balance the interests of a troubled and abused child with the rights of adoptive parents? Tough issues.


About to go to bed. Hooray bed. I did not have my customary cup of tea tonight--yes, I've recently taken to drinking a cup of tea very night before bed--so I'm interested to see if that affects sleep at all. Usually on the nights I have tea I sleep a little better, except that I have to get up for the bathroom a couple of times.

If anyone has a favorite type of hot tea they drink, let me know! I'm still very much in the experimental stage with this :) I'm looking forward to being able to drink a cup of hot tea on a cold night. Sounds very picturesque, doesn't it? However, I'm in Houston, and those "cold nights" are still likely over a month away.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I don't quiiiiiite feel like pulling out the contracts books yet, so, here we are. I'm still alive and kicking, though it has been a while since I've updated. I did get that declaration (mentioned in the post below) all finished, signed, and notarized. Staci and I went to the post office together to mail it--I'm sure the post office workers thought we were crazy, with our comments of "Okay, we've signed our life away," and " exactly do you send something by certified mail?" Next step: being fingerprinted. Hmm, this will be my third time ever getting fingerprinted. You'd think I had quite a criminal history--but no, those were just for background checks for various internships. What stinks this time is I that have to pay $10 to get it done--the $190 we had to pay to file the declaration wasn't enough. Ha. I'm a poor law student with no income coming in! Have mercy!

Classes are going all right. They're nowhere near as stressful as they were at the beginning of the semester. So that's good. I just need to pick up the pace a little, b/c I need to start working more on outlines, and our legal writing/research class is going to start picking up steam with our big memo assignment. Eeeeek. But many have survived before me, so I figure I will too.

Random sidenote pertaining to class: in one of my classes, I've been designated the "reader." This means that whenever the professor wants something read out loud from the casebook or our rule book, he identifies the location and then looks at me, expecting me to read it. This is all fine, except every once in a while I don't hear what he says, and it gets a little sketchy while I try and figure out what he wants or ask him to repeat himself. And then there was today, when I thought he was calling on me to do a case, but he wasn't.... Awkward. Heh. It's situations like this where I feel like it's not fair that I can't hear perfectly normally, but you know. I do my best. In general, though, I can hear just about everything in my classes all right. Except for when I'm drifting off into my own little world because I've stopped paying attention. Perhaps I should work on that.

My apartment is in an interesting state right now. The living room is perfectly clean. It stays that way, since I don't spend much time in there--I just watch the occasional TV show or play pinao every once in a while. The kitchen is clean, except for the dishes that stay drying out on a towel after I've washed them (I don't have enough dishes to justify ever running the dishwasher. I should work on this). My bathroom stays clean as well, b/c messy bathroom = icky. But my room, where my desk is...that's another story. I'm not usually a bed maker, and there's always papers and books and other randomness spread out all around my desk. I do appreciate having the room to spread out, though, so I suppose I should take advantage of it!

And, to end--the other day, I went on to Chick-fil-a's Million Nugget Giveaway, and won a free small nuggets tray! Hooray. Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets are the best.

Okay, contracts time. Yay!