Sunday, March 25, 2007

Continuing with the trend of gross posts:

I just killed a fairly big roach in my bathroom. Ew. I had been quite impressed with this apartment complex because the biggest bug I've seen up until tonight is my friend the spider (who I haven't seen in a while either). No roaches. I don't do well with killing and dealing with roaches--as anyone can deduce by the method with which Anne and I killed the roach in Rosemont the first night we spent in that apartment (it involved the time 1am, Beth's big, orange plastic baseball bat, and then when the melee was over, soap and a paper towel to clean up the carpet). And what's kind of funny about tonight is my initial train of thoughts when I saw it:

*gasp!* A roach! Oh, that one's too big and perfect looking to be real. It must be one of Beth's pretend ones. Oh wait. I don't live with Beth and Anne anymore, so there are no more crazy fake roach wars going on. It's real! Gross!

Then I had to go get the bug spray. Now I have to dispose of it. And then I'm going to bed. Yay bed.


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