Monday, January 22, 2007


It has definitely been a while! I was holding off on posting for one main reason--I wanted to either complain or be happy about my grades once they were all posted. Well, I got my first two on the eighth, and finally got the third today. It's been interesting getting them in. And I'm not going to complain or be happy yet because there's still one more grade to go. And one more grade--when it's a four hour class--makes a big difference in GPA in your first semester. I will also refrain from commenting on the time delay in getting grades back when the other sections at UH have all theirs. This is me refraining. See?

Life has been pretty good lately. I had a great last week (from the 8th-15th) before classes started on the 16th--I got to see Kaci, meet a friend's friends who have recently moved into my apartment complex (yay, I know some neighbors), spend time with my family, have lunch with a secretary I worked with at the law firm this past summer, and hang out with Chrissy. I also had to start on my reading for school that week--which wasn't so exciting, but oh well.

Then classes started last week. Last week was also strange--early in the week, Texas was in the midst of a nice little "winter storm" that caused many parts of the state to shut down for a couple of days due to snow, sleet, and ice. Even though I entertained hopes of postponing starting my second semester, that didn't happen, though there was a two-hour delay in starting classes on Wednesday. That two-hour delay was better than nothing. I'm a little jealous of current Trinity people, though--they got a whole two days off from school! For the most part, the weather in Houston has been pretty consistently cloudy and cold lately. We saw the sun for a few hours on Sunday, but that's been it in over a week. And this week isn't looking good sunshine-wise either.

I'm not sure how I feel about classes yet. I will say that I am a little apathetic about getting my work done so far this semester. Perhaps when my writing class picks up steam and it's time to start outlining, I will get a little more motivated. Until then...I will continue going to bed early and doing things like updating my blog and reading fun books.

One more thing--I had a hankering to put a picture on my blog profile that will show up on the main page. But to post a picture, you have to have a URL, according to "Blogger Help." So I'm about to try and post one in this entry that will show up in my profile from now on. And I know it's not really me, but I like to think that it's what I'd look like on a good day...if I actually owned a top and blazer like this one...


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