Monday, January 08, 2007

Walking and Weekend Trips

I just found the coolest thing ever. Well, maybe not the coolest thing ever. But I think it's pretty neat. Using, you can measure how long walking routes are. I figured out that Beth and I walked just over three miles through West University on New Year's, and that the route around my block that I most often take is about a mile and a half.

I had a fun weekend in Waco with Alicia. Got kind of lost going up there--Waco roads do weird things--but made it all right. I have now watched the first seasons of both 24 and The Office. Alicia and I also ate out a couple of times, and on Sunday, I finally got to see the Dr. Pepper museum. And this morning, I got to meet some of Alicia's friends at Baylor Law ("where fun goes to die")--who did a great job of helping me appreciate the fact that I have one more week off before classes start.

I have a random complaint. Alicia and I also watched some episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street this weekend. It's a pretty good show, by the way. But even though the shows are on DVD, they are not subtitled or captioned. This is not the only DVD with which I have recently encountered this situation either--the copy I have of the musical Cinderella isn't subtitled either. This is no good. If you're going to release a DVD, why not take a little effort to make sure that it's captioned? Then an all-the-way deaf person can enjoy it too.

This week will be spent seeing a few random people. Oh, and working on trying to figure out what I'm doing this summer. I also probably need to start reading for classes--if professors would post the assignments. I am not ready for school to start yet. Not ready at all.


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