Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Well, my birthday was today (yesterday, by the time this posts), and it was definitely a good day. You know you're loved when 3 separate groups of people sing happy birthday to you at different points during the day. Kelsey made me a cake, and my family made an attempt to sing to me this afternoon (I'm counting it, though), Chrissy made me a cake and the young adult's group at St. Andrews Presbyterian sang to me this evening, and the San Antonio gang sang happy birthday to me on a phone message that I didn't get until later because I was with the St. Andrews people. Today, I also got fitted for a bridesmaid dress, got to play with my family's new(ish) puppy, had a good dinner at Olive Garden, got balloons from Melissa, and received many phone calls and messages from various people. So, thanks everyone. I feel very special.

I should go to bed so I can get up for church tomorrow and I don't hate myself when I have to buckle down and do homework. Bleck, homework.

Although, one more thing I'd like to add before I do head off to bed--I do know what I'm doing this summer now! For the first half of the summer, I will be working at the First Court of Appeals here in Houston, and then for the second half of the summer (summer is typically split around July 4) I will be working for a federal judge, also in Houston. Although there won't be much of a break, this will be a good experience and I will get class some credit. I'm a little scared at all the writing, research, and other lawyer-like activities these internships will entail, but I'm excited as well.


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