Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How to sum up my life lately? One word: procrastination

I am still having a little trouble getting into the swing of things this semester. It seems like I have one big event after another to think about, and this makes the times in between these big events weird. They're times when I don't want to work because I just worked hard on whatever I just finished and I don't yet feel motivated to start the next project. The result of this is that I haven't even started outlining this semester...which might not be that big of a deal, but I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed already at the thought of finals in May.

But other than that, I'm enjoying this semester outside of school. I've been able to get together with non-law school friends many times this semester and I think I've been seeing a lot more of my family. I've been home (in Sugar Land--is that where home is? I don't really know, but whatever) for extended periods of time the past two weekends and today I was able to walk over to my great aunt's house for a couple of hours. That's the stuff life is supposed to be about--friends and family. I guess I'm just trying to say that I'm having a hard time finding a balance...last semester was ALL LAW SCHOOL, and having a successful semester behind me makes it harder to focus this semester.

Some of my procrastination of this semester's work has been productive. Obviously, seeing friends and family is productive procrastination, if it could be considered procrastination at all. Monday, in lieu of getting actual work done, I did my taxes (I'm getting a pretty good amount of money back, yay!) and filled out my FAFSA. Yesterday, I took my car to get a crack in the windshield fixed because it was hit by a rock on Sunday.

Anyway. Spring Break starts two weeks from Friday. I don't have any set plans other than getting out and seeing various people, but do know that much of that week will be spent catching up on work I haven't been doing so far. Hooray! Maybe that time will be the kick in my seat that gets me going. All that stands between me and spring break (Anne would approve of this counting down method...) are 27 classes, an outline of part of my appellate brief, and oral arguments.


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