Monday, November 06, 2006


I essentially just sneezed, then decided that it was a good excuse to stop working on my LARC memo and instead write a blog entry. I'm not sure that makes any sense, but here I am.

I caught a cold this weekend, which was a little annoying. Fortunately, it never really turned into anything worse than a stuffed/runny nose and a little excessive sneezing. I'd like to be all the way better, though, as being completely healthy makes sleeping at night a little easier.

Speaking of sleeping, I have had several weird--and kind of disturbing--dreams in the past couple of weeks. They involve me trying to apply concepts of one of my classes to life. I can never remember exactly what I dreamed when I wake up, I just know that I have been trying to apply the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; the UCC; or on one night, the elements of one of my issues in my LARC memo; to random situations. I'm always uneasy when I wake up from those, and it doesn't quite feel like I actually got sleep during the time I was dreaming. The only class that I haven't had a dream like this about is torts. I wonder if it's coming? It feels like I should have it, just to get it over with and so that there's some kind of sense of completion.

And one more thing. It's another example of how much law school pervades my life. I was cooking noodles for my pasta tonight, and once I had them in the pot, turned to put up the dishes I had washed the night before. A couple of minutes later I stopped because I had not yet stirred the boiling noodles, and needed to. And my thought about this was, "I'm not satisfying the 'stirring occasionally' element of the pasta instructions very well, am I?" Is that not a little pathetic? I think it is.

My apologies to those of you who read this and are not in law school. A lot of this might not make sense. This is why I am looking forward to December 15th, when exams are over and I won't have to think about law school for a whole month.


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